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It’s been a while…

November 6, 2012

Since I posted on this blog, life has kind of got in the way, with hospital appointments, school holidays and a new business website to develop.  This has all settled down a bit now so I feel a bit freer.

I had my rheumy appointment 2 weeks ago, having waited 4 months I was disappointed not to see the Professor I was meant to see and instead someone unfamiliar with my case (he didn’t even know I had had a MRI scan – ordered by the Professor – but he dug it out).  I did come away from the appointment feeling a bit better though as they are pretty sure that the issue is just manifesting itself in my eyes at the moment, although there are some spots of inflammation in the brain (but as I don’t have any symptoms or headaches and I’m on the treatment anyway they didn’t think there was cause to worry).  I’ve been put on daily aspirin due to my ‘sticky blood’  and have basically been told that there are no forms of contraception (other than coil which I refuse) that I can take at the moment due to my blood/medication/blood pressure – great! Still working on the vasectomy with Mr!

I saw my eye doctor today, I had to admit to him that my left eye is playing up again.  He couldn’t investigate it thoroughly as my eyes weren’t dilated, but he decided to up my steroids again – ARGH! I had just made it down to 5mg (and normal sleep) last week and now I’m going back to 10mg again and increasing the mycophenalate. Just as I thought I was getting somewhere with the meds I go backwards again.

Anyway, I feel ok in myself, if a bit tired and I am going to try and stay positive 😀


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