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Beach Walks, Side Effects and Jam Stalls!

October 14, 2012

It’s been a bit of a stressful week, but more due to business issues rather than health – for a change.  I’ve had a nice weekend though seeing friends – lunch with the girls yesterday and a walk on the beach with my best friend and daughter today which is what’s needed to take my mind off things!

There have been a few health issues I’m getting anxious about which I’m putting down to side effects.  My cellcept dose was increased to 1000mg twice a day on Tuesday and I’ve not experienced any of the usual sickness/stomach issues but I’ve been having real problems with my legs.

About 18 months ago I was told I had benign fasciculation syndrome as a result of twitching in my legs, it’s a really horrible sensation like the blood in pulsating and the veins are sore. I’m not convinced it was ever a muscular issue, but that was the diagnosis before all the recent problems.  This faded and practically went away a few months ago, but over the past week my legs have been really bothering me, particularly my left one.  I have a real feeling of stiffness behind my knee and a pain in my calf and thigh as well as lots of twitching, I’m not sure if it could be caused by the medication, the immune system disorder or be something else but I am anxious about it and will mention to the Eye consultant tomorrow who I’m seeing regularly to monitor my meds.

The other side effect which is freaking me out is hair loss. My hair is falling out quite dramatically.  I have long dark brown hair and I’m seeing it all over the house (and don’t even mention the shower drain to my husband). I can cope with this to an extent, but not if I start getting bald patches, please don’t let that happen.

I see the Rheumatologist on the 23rd October and frankly I can’t wait, I still haven’t had the results of the MRI I had in August (so I’m guessing I don’t have a brain tumour or anything sinister – at least I’m hoping not!) and I’m hoping he’ll be able to clear a lot of things up for me and maybe even give me a diagnosis.

I had my flu jab on Thursday too, so at least I’m protected against that now.  The flu clinic was a novel experience – about 50 pensioners and me, it was like an OAP convention (they even had a jam stall!).

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