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Just over a week…

August 12, 2012

So it’s been just over a week since I started rattling around with pills, not the most enjoyable week of my life either; I can’t notice any difference with the eyesight, but I guess that would be expecting a lot in a short space of time.

Friday was our 10th Wedding anniversary, we had been due to spend the night away at the hotel where we got married, but I felt that bouncing off the walls on steroids didn’t make for a very romantic evening so we’ll do that later in the year when things (hopefully) die down a bit.  Instead we rented a film and I decided to try a couple of glasses of wine  and that was fine.  I also had some truffles and crisps so a really naughy night, but I figure I have to let myself have treats once a week!    Most brilliantly about the wine was that after I assured my husband that “the one thing you can be absolutely certain of is that I won’t fall asleep on the sofa”  (close to midnight watching telly) I promptly fell asleep until 1am!  Maybe I’ll have to have wine more often…

So I had Friday and Saturday night without any temazepam as the doctor told me to take it for 2-3 nights and then have a break.  After the wine on Friday I got some sleep, but last night I only had 3 hours broken sleep and yet again I feel like rubbish today.  My choice is take tranquilisers at night and have a decent night’s sleep and better day ahead (but risk addiction if done every day) or no tranquilisers, no sleep and the prospect of a grumpy, tired day (it’s true the wine helped, but I don’t want to have this every day) .  This is what’s killing me with this medication at the moment, the sleep issue. We go on holiday on Thursday and I’m already planning which days I get sleep and which I don’t. 

Tomorrow it’s back to Opthalmology to see if the steroids are doing their business, I’m keeping everything crossed that they are so I can get them tapered down and off them as soon as I possibly can.


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