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August 8, 2012

After a couple of night’s sleep I’m now feeling more able to cope with life (if a life that’s a little off kilter!).  I do have anxiety that I will become dependent upon the sleeping pills so that’s something I’ll have to watch, but boy is it easier to get through the day when you’ve had some shut eye.  I do feel a bit odd generally and have a stonking headache, but I can cope with that, at least I’m not going mad (for now).

I’ve been able to get on with running the business a bit and actually start thinking about going on holiday next week (something I couldn’t even contemplate a few days ago) – the prospect of packing has hit me and the huge pile of ironing that’s sitting in the corner of the room is taunting me.

I’ve been eating really healthily and keeping salt and sugar low so I was really pissed off to see I’d gained 2 kgs in 48 hours when I stepped on the scales this morning, however when they weighed me at hospital it showed I haven’t put anything on at all so I will no longer trust our cheap IKEA bathroom scales and rely on the hospital instead.   I was at hospital today to see the Renal doctors as there have been a few concerns about my kidneys, however the doc said that the blood tests looked fine although there is a sign of some blood (probably related to the inflammation going on elsewhere) so they’re going to check the kidneys with an ultrasound in September and take it from there.  I had more blood tests taken; the nurse asked if I had a favourite place for her to do it? Umm no, bit concerned that I’ve reached the regularity of blood tests that I might have a favourite place!  The main concern is my blood pressure which has been persistently high and so, as from tomorrow, I’m on blood pressure meds – ANOTHER drug!  At least I’ve already started a low salt diet…

I have just applied for a Prescription Prepayment Certificate as I have so far spent £40 on prescriptions in the last week, for around £30.00 this will cover me for 3 months worth of meds so should save me money.  I don’t know how my family in America afford all the medications, I do thank my lucky stars for the NHS I really do.


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