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The quest for sleep

August 6, 2012

I decided to see the GP today, the lack of sleep combined with the mood swings is turning me into a monster. He was very sympathetic and agreed that sleep would help me cope with, not just the steroids, but coming to terms with everything going on at the moment. I now have in my possession Temazepam. Under normal circumstances I would do everything in my power to avoid this sort of medication, but after less than 10 hours sleep since Thursday I’m willing to give anything a go – I doubt I can feel much worse than I do already (can I?!) I bloody hope not.
My prednisone dose dropped to 60mg this morning and I’ve not noticed anything adverse regarding that so far. I’ve got through today ok, I seem to have bursts when I’m ok and can get on with things and then bursts of extreme exhaustion (without being able to sleep). I don’t trust myself to drive, I feel far too off kilter.
The worst thing is that my left eye seems a lot worse today, maybe it’s just some floaters coming across (my consultant said I have a few moving around).
So, bring on tonight and the sleeping pills – I pray they work.


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