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Sleepless Fog Of Emotion

August 4, 2012

Those that know me well, know that I don’t do well when I don’t get my sleep (it’s a big factor in my not considering having any more children), today I am not doing well.

I managed 4 hours of broken sleep last night, the worst was I wasn’t wide awake, I wasn’t full of energy wanting to hoover at 3am as I’d been told so many on prednisone do, I was shattered. All I wanted to do was close my eyes and sleep, my eyes would close but sleep would only come in short burst with tiring, vivid dreams.

Today I am shattered and tearful, I feel shaky and a bit paranoid.  I had to go to a hospital appointment this morning (unrelated to this condition) and I just sobbed with the surgeon, he was understanding and said the steroids would be affecting my mood – no shit!  I have a rare type of cyst in my face that needs removing, but my care is having to be moved from one hospital to the one where they are dealing with everything else (it just makes sense when i’ve got so much going on), because of the rubbish system/bureaucracy none of my notes have been moved across and I’m having to start with the diagnosis practically from scratch, it’s immensely frustrating as the advice the new doc is giving me is contradicting what the other doc said. I can’t handle the stress of it, I just want rid of this thing in my face, however I realise elective surgery is probably out of the question.

I’m proud with how I’m doing with the diet so far.  I love everything that’s bad for me so it’s a real challenge cutting out biscuits, cake, chocolate, crisps and wine (I would sometimes have cake for breakfast for goodness sake).  I’ve cut salt to a minimum but I’m trying to add flavour to everything as much as I can and snacking on fruit, veg and nuts, I’m also having a proper breakfast.

The afternoon I spent resting in bed and watched/dozed through Lady & The Tramp with little one.

I hope things improve, I can’t live my life like this for the next few months I have a business to run, a daughter to care for and a holiday to go on.  I’m hoping once I’m on a slightly lower dose (50mg rather than 80mg) I might function better – I hope so.


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