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Day one of the dreaded prednisone

August 3, 2012

So this morning I woke up early and felt anxious about starting on the steroids, nothing for it at 7.25am I took 16 prednisone 5mg tablets and 1 stomach protecting drug. I was shaking when I took them and sort of waiting for some immediate effect. Of course there wasn’t an immediate effect but throughout the course of the morning I definitely started to feel on edge. I’ve stayed that way all day, I feel a bit paranoid and really anxious (I’m an anxious person anyway so hardly surprising given the situation).

We went to Tesco and did a ‘healthy’ shop to try and help me alleviate the weight gain side effects I’m expecting. The key is apparently to cut sugar down and cut out salt as much as possible. I’ve never been someone to look at food labels and I just couldn’t believe how much salt is in EVERYTHING! I’m now armed with a diet of grilled chicken, fish, turkey and lots of fruit and veg. All I could think about all day was a bar of chocolate, bag of crisps and my Friday night glass of red wine – all out of the question, sob.

The one side effect I was hoping for was getting a load of energy as I’ve not had much of that over the past few weeks, but no such luck, I feel absolutely shattered. It’s that funny, jet-lag type tiredness though – I really want to sleep, but if I close my eyes my mind is racing and I don’t think sleep will come.

I hope I sleep tonight.


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